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A digital planner you’ll actually use.

Journal, track tasks and habits, plan your life and live it in line with the vision you have for yourself.

Focus working

Introducing: The Today Page

Focus on the day and the rest will take care of itself

Product insight

The Today page is the dashboard for your life. It opens up every time you access to Lifewrite, helping you stay on task, reflect on how things are going, and track what’s important to you.

Built for doers.

Private Journal

Express your feelings and gain deeper insight into your life.

Task tracking

Get what you need to do, done.


Built from the ground up to combat distraction.

Backed by research

Based on the science of well-being.

Live intentionally

Plan your and review your weeks to make sure you’re becoming the person you want to be.

Keyboard Controls

Think through your finger-tips.

Stay on Task

Lifewrite pops up every time you open a new tab. This heps you stay on task, calmly reminding you what you need to get done today.

Track what’s most important to you

How does meditation affect your happiness levels? How does coffee affect your mood? Track what’s most important to you and get real insight into your life.

Built to make you happier

Research has shown that a journalling and expressing gratitiude can reduce stress, clarify your thoughts and feelings, and gain insight into your life and the way you want to live it.

Time tracking

How much time did you spend in deep work today? Use the pomodorro timer to track your time and stay accountable.

Built for people with ADHD

The alluring pull of the internet is hard for any of us to battle. People with ADHD struggle even more. We built Lifewrite to help people like them, people like us.

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